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Custom Designed Guard Booths For Semi-Conductor Manufacturer

guard booth

Porta-King supplied two custom-designed guard booths to a West Coast based manufacturer of semi-conductors. These portable guard buildings serve to control access points to their world headquarters corporate campus parking facility.

Custom Portable Guard Booth Features

The guard booth featured in the image above controls access as employees and guests enter the parking area. A second booth was installed directly adjacent to the client’s multi-level parking garage. These booths were designed and constructed to meet the client’s exact specifications and safety needs, keeping guards and the area safe.

Among many custom features, these security booths included a special custom glazing to match the glazing of their corporate office buildings. This glazing helps make the booths more energy efficient, reducing the need for more insulation. Other custom features included special accommodations built into the booths to facilitate installation of security cameras and security gate controls.

Seamless Construction For A Quality Product

Our professional team of designers works with our clients to help them find exactly what they are looking for in a portable building. With almost 50 years of experience, we can help you design your building based on your needs and application.

Porta-King’s model RND84 design, which represents a 4’ x 8’ long Durasteel building with a rounded end architectural feature, is achieved by rolling 14 gauge steel sheets and then welding them into a structural steel tube framework.

The joints are then filled and finished prior to painting to create a seamless, smooth surface. This seamless construction not only makes the booths look good, but guarantees quality and a long life for your portable guard house.

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