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Porta-King Installs Modular Wall System For Brake Manufacturer

modular walls for brake manufacturer

For manufacturers, wall partitions are an important part of keeping sensitive equipment safe from dust and debris from surrounding areas. That’s why Porta-King installed a modular wall system for a manufacturer of brake shoes for trucks.

High Panels Keep Climate & Dust Controlled

We utilized our newer modular wall system, the Versa-King HD 6 (VK HD-6). We recommended this system due to the height requirement of this application and because the customer liked that the “non-progressive” design of VK HD-6.  This design feature would enable them to remove any number of wall panels at any time without affecting adjacent panels or the support structure above.

This would provide them easy access to parts of their new equipment for future maintenance.  The walls are 6 inches thick with a durable white painted steel interior and exterior surface.  We supplied 108 linear feet to complete the area they needed to enclose. The modular walls were installed to separate a production area that provides climate and dust control for recently installed equipment.

Chosen For Easy, Clean Integration

The client chose Porta-King modular construction because it was easier to integrate a modular wall system assembly while their equipment installation was still active. They also liked the appearance of the VK HD-6 design that included integration of multiple fixed windows in each panel to allow plant personnel and visitor to see the new equipment in operation.

The modular design option also virtually eliminated dust and debris associated with conventional construction. The presence of construction debris was of particular concern to the client due to the sensitive nature of the equipment they were installing. The time frame for the install was less than two weeks, which is considerably faster than any of the conventional construction options they also considered.

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