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Keep “Cooool” – Modular Cool Rooms Create Instant Comfort and Safeguard Employees

A small, modern office cubicle with glass walls situated in an industrial factory setting, surrounded by machinery and equipped with modular cool rooms to safeguard employees.

The sales team and Porta-King are constantly challenged with the question,” will your products help us in this situation”.  In fact, some of our greatest innovations have been initiated by a challenge presented to us by one of our customers.  The old saying, “desperation is the father of invention”, has real meaning to guys like me out in the field who are challenged with devising solutions to our customers needs.  The good news for me is that I have a great team of design experts to support me with innovative solutions utilizing Porta-King modular wall systems.

The extensive heat this summer presented this challenge.   “How can we get some heat relief to our employees?  Not only are our customers concerned about the reduction in productivity caused by overheated employees but first and foremost they are concerned about their health and well being.

We designed custom modular “Cool Rooms” that fit the bill.  These units were designed to be climate controlled and offered full perimeter visibility of the work area.  The layout of each room is custom designed to fit the application.  Our standard Versa-King modular wall consists of a 3” thick sandwich panel and can include R values of 10 to 13 depending on the composition of the wall.   Higher R values can be achieved by incorporating some of the thicker wall construction options available with our Monolith modular wall system.

In addition to the thermal insulation we will often use some of our sound reduction techniques to improve the overall environment inside the Cool Room.

For this particular application, our customer had some of the rooms assembled on site while others were brought in from our factory already assembled and simply slid into place.  Our factory assembled models, like the one shown in this photo, include an integrated floor structure are highly portable.  These units were used for those rooms that would be moved frequently from location to location. Both of these modular options enable our customers to quickly and easily create comfort for their employees wherever it is needed on the plant floor.

We can also utilize a Porta-King mezzanine to elevate these modular “Cool Rooms” into the unused space above the plant floor.  This not only frees up existing floor space for other activities but also provides the inhabitants with better visibility of plant floor operations.

We have many standard offerings as well as full custom capabilities to meet your unique construction application challenge.  We promise to get it right for you.

Remember stay cool, and when the winter winds blow these units will switch roles and allow for a place to warm up.

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