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Porta-King Offers Prefabricated Security Structures in Response to Upgraded Security Due to CFATS and HR 2868

Prefabricated Security Structure

House Bill requires chemical and water facilities to upgrade security

In response to the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) and House Bill HR 2868, St. Louis based Porta-King Building Systems has expanded its line of prefabricated structures to meet the enhanced security requirements for chemical and water facilities as mandated in House Bill HR 2868. This bill calls for upgraded security to protect sensitive facilities against acts of terrorism.

Porta-King, a leader in custom-design prefabricated construction, offers a variety of prefabricated structures such as fixed position and mobile, trailer mounted guard booths, turnstile shelters as well as guard and range towers. The company also manufactures a line of ballistics-rated prefabricated structures that include walls, windows and doors constructed with bullet resistant materials which meet the Underwrites Laboratory (UL) 752 Level ballistic standard and the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) IV ballistic standard.

“In response to CFATS and HR 2868, we are seeing a new need for security structures at facilities around the country such as waste water treatment facilities, public water systems and within the liquid petroleum industry” said Gregg Pearlstone, Porta-King vice president. “Our prefabricated structures provide options for many organizations to protect their facilities and personnel at any of these locations.”

Porta-King’s prefabricated structures can be custom-made to meet clients’ needs, and can include many aesthetic options such as pitched standing seam roofs, extended overhangs with can lights, factory-adhered brick and stone finishes, decorative steel facades and window mullions. Also available are custom color options and trailer mounted units for use as mobile security booths.

“We can provide a solution to facilities that are faced with a need for immediate security stations” said Pearlstone. “Our systems can be installed with minimal downtime in the area of construction at a considerable cost savings when compared to conventional construction.”

The company is also a manufacturer of a line of galvanized structural steel towers, which can be used in conjunction with their prefabricated structures to create guard towers and over watch towers. Creating an elevated outpost for security personnel can be critical for installations where large expanses of real estate must be secured.

Porta-King is committed to providing unmatched quality and service, and provides each client with detailed drawings for approval and on-site review prior to fabrication. Design consultation and installation services are available anywhere in the United States, along with the best warranties in the industry on all their products.

Porta-King has been a leader in custom-designed, modular and prefabricated buildings since 1969. In addition to its exterior prefabricated buildings, Porta-King offers a full line of modular building, guard buildings and modular wall systems including single and two-story designs, as well as structural steel mezzanines used for storage, production and elevated office space. Porta-King buildings provide shelter and storage solutions for virtually any working environment.

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