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New Versa-King Wall System Handles the Toughest In-Plant Projects

Versa-King Wall System

Versa-King systems have long been the go-to framing choice for modular buildings like in-plant offices and other interiors commonly found inside factories and warehouses. Their reliable, quality products are virtually maintenance-free and have been put into just about every indoor setting imaginable. However, Versa-King used to only provide two versions of this particular modular wall systems.

Luckily, Versa-King recently expanded their capabilities by introducing a new 6 inch wall system, the VK HD-6, that can be used for extra tall applications while still providing the same stability and safety as other Versa-King wall systems. But don’t worry: the new product is still in line with the brand’s historically high standards.

Get More Possibilities with Thicker Wall Systems

Whether you need an enclosure to protect equipment with temperature and humidity control or simply to sub-divide a larger building into separate work areas to create new production space or to enhance organization and improve work efficiencies. A VK HD-6 modular wall system gives you more leeway when determining whether modular construction will work for your next in-plant construction project, including:

  • Higher insulation values
  • Taller ceilings
  • Maintenance free & impact resistant surfaces

VK HD-6 Applications

The VK HD-6 wall system can be utilized for many applications that require extra tall walls as part of the construction design.  Not only will this system install easier than conventional construction, but it’s unique “non-progressive” design allows you to remove an extra tall wall panel without disturbing the other panels within the wall system’s. This capability is especially important if you need to remove or replace one or two panels without substantially impacting the overall installation.

Aluminum Framing Stays In-Line with Other Versa-King Products

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a modular building over conventional construction is that you can redesign them easily. However, some modular tall wall systems are easier to assemble than others. Unlike other tall walls that rely on separate and bulky unistrut or steel channels in conjunction with the wall panel post to create the required structural component of their wall systems, Versa-King’s HD-6 systems post are made out of matted, all-extruded aluminum components that are designed to fit together seamlessly.  Therefore, it is the best choice if you want to prepared for changing or relocating your in-plant office in the future.

In addition, the same qualities that make other Versa-King walls so low-maintenance attribute to their high safety qualifications. Aluminum posts don’t rust when exposed to high humidity or wash down environments.  Additionally, the extrusion process used to create all of our posts and framing members have much tighter tolerances than can be achieved with formed steel post systems.

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