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Porta-King Builds Equipment Enclosures for Barrick Gold

equipment enclosure at Barrick Gold

In the mining industry, safety is of the utmost importance, and the Barrick Gold Corporation is always looking for ways to make their operations safer. With that in mind, Porta-King has supplied a number of equipment enclosures to Barrick that they use at their mining operations to house both equipment and personnel.

Safety First

Barrick knows firsthand how dangerous mining can be. That’s why when they needed equipment enclosures to help safeguard their personnel and equipment, they turned to Porta-King for assistance. Porta-King was able to provide Barrick with equipment shelters that house highly sensitive telemetry equipment. This equipment is very important to the mining operation because when used in conjunction with sensors, it makes sure that the stone walls they are blasting remain sound and won’t collapse.

Custom Designed for Added Visibility

In addition, these equipment enclosures are custom designed to be brightly colored to make them more visible to drivers operating the very large trucks and other equipment used for mining. That way, there are no accidents and no buildings or equipment is damaged, and no personnel are injured.

Portability Saves Time & Money

The equipment enclosures Porta-King provided are of Durasteel construction—all welded steel framework for durability. They also include forklift pockets in the steel base for added portability since these units are often moved to different locations within the mine. This portability helps save the company time and money in that they don’t have to tear down buildings and build new every time they need to move. All they have to do is simply pick up the building with a forklift and transport the building to where they need it to be.

Standing seam roofs are also included to help shed the abundance of dust that falls onto the roof as a result of blasting. As a result, the roof is not weighed down with dust and other material that could pose a risk to personnel and equipment.

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