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First Steps in Redesigning Your Modular Office

Modular Office

You’ve enjoyed your modular office for years, but have decided that it’s time for a much needed redesign. When you decide to redesign your Porta-King modular office, Porta-King will do the labor for free, which will save you thousands of dollars. However, you shouldn’t rush into redesigning your modular office. There are a few important questions you must ask yourself before diving into a new project.

Work with the Space You Have

Planning to hire new employees in the future? Are certain departments already outgrowing their office space? If you’re redesigning your modular office so you can expand, then you must make sure that employees won’t be cramped. Optimize the space.

Make sure that when you’re expanding one department, you’re not taking needed space away from a department that isn’t being expanded. If you do so, it’s likely to cause some resentment in the affected department, who now has to work in a smaller space. If you find that in order to expand one office you must reduce another, make sure that the affected space is also redesigned in a way that keeps the employees working there comfortable and productive.

Promote Employee Camaraderie & Productivity

When redesigning your modular office, it’s important that you have a healthy balance between employee socialization and productivity. You don’t want to isolate employees from each other, but at the same time, you don’t want the design to prevent them from getting any work done. Design your modular office in a way that promotes a healthy work environment. For example, add plants and, if possible, windows for natural lighting for improved employee performance. It’s also a good idea to lose the cubicles to encourage socialization and creativity.

Consider Your Energy Needs

You will also have to ask yourself if the redesign of your modular office will also require you to rework your electrical system. Will outlets have to be moved? What about the HVAC system for air quality? How much energy do you use in a given month? Porta-King can help you design your modular office to make sure it isn’t an energy drain and operating at optimal levels.

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