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3 Ways to Impress Important Guests at Your School

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Is your school hosting important guests? If you’re trying to encourage them to contribute or donate to your school, there are many ways to convince them that their money is going somewhere worthwhile. When in doubt, be sure to showcase these three areas.

In the Classroom

Education technology in the classroom has been shown to increase student engagement when implemented and used correctly. With higher student engagement and thus better grades, your guests know that your school is dedicated to quality education. Be sure to show them where there is room for improvement so they know how their funds will be applied.

Over a Meal

Nutrition at school should be a top concern. When your students are eating a good, nutritious meal at lunch, they will be healthier and perform better at school. For those students who play sports, a balanced meal will help their performance on the field.

Invite your guests to have lunch at your school to show off their quality and nutrition. When they see that you take the health of your students seriously, they will know that their money will be well spent to keep students and faculty healthy.

At the Game

Are the seats at a football game sold out? Are the students proud to wear your school colors? Show off your school spirit by showcasing your extracurricular activities and student involvement. When students are involved in their school, they have better grades and do more to improve their school.

Impress guest announcers at your game by having a quality press box in your football stand. These portable buildings can act as a “VIP” area by giving visitors an uninhibited view of the game without taking them away from the action.

Press boxes can be customized to fit your needs like a walkable roof and a customized layout. Photographers can make sure that their photos aren’t obstructed by standing on the load-bearing roof, and announcers can keep warm or cool with the built in HVAC.

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