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Get Inspired: How to Emulate IBM’s Famous In-Plant Offices

In-plant Office

IBM’s in-plant offices are famous for being adaptable and multifunctional. They are designed to let employees be creative and move the layout around to fit their needs. Here’s how you can emulate their design to help your office be more productive, creative, and aesthetically pleasing.

Add Comfortable, Modular Furniture

Using the right furniture in your in-plant office is the first step in creating an environment employees want to work in. Modular furniture is:

  • Cost effective: Modular furniture can be added onto or reduced as your needs change.
  • Mobile: Modular furniture can be easily moved around depending on the needs of employees or projects.
  • Space saving: If your office is small, modular furniture can save space in a small office by merging together or being taken apart to fit another function.

Adding comfortable furniture to your in-plant office, especially upholstered, will make the office more pleasing to the eye and quieter. Your employees will appreciate the benefits and aesthetics.

Install Glass Partitions

Glass office partitions give employees privacy while making your office look bigger. In addition, they can give your office an added look of elegance. Glass partitions can be clear or frosted depending on your preferences and the amount of privacy you desire. Glass partitions will also bring in more natural light, reducing energy bills and making employees happier.

A common misperception about glass office partitions is that they don’t offer noise reduction. Glass partitions are very effective at reducing noise in the office so employees can concentrate and meetings won’t be disrupted.

Choose the Right Colors

Is your in-plant office full of dull, uninspiring colors like tan and grey? Give them a facelift by painting them colors like calming green or stimulating red. Different colors have been shown to evoke different responses in people and increase productivity when done correctly. For example, if you want to give your office a calming atmosphere, opt for colors like blue or green over yellow or red, which are more stimulating. By doing so, employees can get creative and feel happier.

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