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Are Modular Restrooms the Right Fit for Your Company?

Modular Restroom

Not sure if your work site needs modular, portable, or traditional restrooms or a portable toilet? Modular restrooms are a good solution for those industries that needs quick, clean, budget friendly construction.

Modular Restrooms are Flexible

Modular restrooms are the solution for your warehouse or factory if you need a permanent solution while being able to remain flexible. That way, if you need to restructure or add to your building, your restrooms can be easily moved and reinstalled just like any other modular building. Also, if your factory or warehouse is located in a seismic heavy area like California, modular restrooms can be designed with earthquake engineering for optimal safety.

Traditional Construction is Permanent

If your factory or warehouse never goes through design changes, a traditionally constructed restroom will probably fit your needs. These restrooms are more permanent in that if your building is ever redesigned, you will need to tear down the old restroom and begin new elsewhere, resulting in construction waste.

Portable Restrooms Can be Moved

Industries that have changing work sites like mining typically would not benefit from a modular restroom. For restrooms that can be moved from site to site, portable restrooms would be a better option—especially if you will be at the site for an extended amount of time.

Portable restrooms, unlike a portable toilet, come equipped with plumbing like a sink and toilet for increased employee comfort on-site. They can be easily removed from their base and moved to a new location and reinstalled.

Portable Toilets are Temporary

If you have an ever-changing work site that is temporary, like a construction site, choosing to have a set of portable toilets would be a better solution as opposed to a portable restroom or modular restroom. This solution is very temporary and is meant for projects that don’t require workers to be in an isolated area for an extended period of time, like in mining. Portable toilets also tend to be unpopular because of their lack of sinks, as well as poor ventilation and smell—especially on a hot day.

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