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A Porta-King Mezzanine Adds Functional Space and Helps Create Jobs for the Automotive Industry

Porta-King Mezzanine

Workers in the Detroit area got a big boost recently when a major automotive seat supplier expanded its plant in Highland Park and created hundreds of new jobs. This multi-million dollar project enabled the auto manufacturing plant to add nearly 12,000 square feet of usable workspace. How? They relied on Porta-King to build a 2 story steel mezzanine for their facility.

Porta-King Provides Much-Needed Space for Clients Across Industries

Adding mezzanines to existing facilities rather than expanding outward is a cost-effective way to add function and efficiency, despite space constraints. When this supplier needed to add 2 stories of additional space to house offices for their engineers and executives, plus storage space and conference rooms for meetings and training, we were happy to oblige.

The mezzanine for this project featured steel construction and specially designed railings. All components, including structural support columns and hardware, were shipped directly to Highland Park for installation. This project also featured:

  • Detailed drawings for construction that arrived quickly and helped make installation easy for the on-site team
  • A responsive support team available throughout installation to assist with the project
  • A one-stop shop for everything this client needed, from the structure itself to architectural notes and on-site support
  • More usable work space at a fraction of the cost of traditional construction
  • Seamless integration with modular offices and the facility overall for optimal fit and function

Representatives of this firm were extremely happy with how fast the Porta-King project arrived and how convenient it was to install, despite space limitations in the factory. They also praised Porta-King on the responsiveness of our support staff, both on-site and off. The fact that Porta-King provides complete solutions, every time, make many of our clients return customers — companies we’re happy to serve.

Porta-King Designs Ready-to-Ship Solutions for Your Industry

For industries looking for cost-effective ways to expand, Porta-King products are a no-brainer. We’re happy to help you design a functional, space-saving mezzanine or other modular product for your facility. Contact us for design solutions for your business.

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