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Porta-King Creates Sound Enclosure for Power Management Company

sound enclosure at power management company

Porta-King recently completed a project for a power management company located in Pennsylvania. They needed a solution to help cut down noise in their plant and turned to Porta-King, who supplied them with an indoor equipment enclosure.

Reducing Plant Noise

Indoor equipment enclosures are great for creating sound enclosures for loud equipment in power management or other facilities. The company needed to enclose a Data Physics LE 1316 vibration/slip table used for vibration testing of a variety of aerospace components, which made the facility uncomfortably loud.

Having reliable sound-proofing in facilities with loud equipment is important for the health and comfort of employees. With reduced noise levels, employees won’t be at risk of hearing loss and can work more productively without noise overwhelming them.

Porta-King provided the company with the best sound-proof wall that had:

  • Batt insulation R-19
  • High density rubber and insulation laminated into wall core
  • Rubber deck end closers
  • Drywall ceiling tiles

Easy, Affordable Construction.

The company Porta-King installed the indoor equipment enclosure for went modular because of the ease of installation around the equipment already installed in their facility—something that is much more difficult with traditional construction. It’s also more budget-friendly, as Porta-King will work to find an affordable solution that will work for the desired purpose and can be easily adapted for new purposes.

“Impressive Results & Customer Service”

The company is very happy with the results, and has told Porta-King of the success of the sound enclosure: “Decibel levels within the enclosure exceed 100 dB, yet levels outside of the room remain around 72 dB. Pretty impressive results.”

They found Porta-King after searching the web for noise reducing enclosures and were additionally impressed by the customer service at Porta-King. “Your customer service was better than other companies [we] reached out to. Porta-King answered [us] back. And you supplied [us] with a designed solution that [we] could actually use.” Pleased with the results, the company said they would recommend Porta-King to anyone looking to stop noise problems in their facilities.

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